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In this digital age, much of our material is available online for easy download. We encourage all aspiring authors or those with finished manuscripts to reach out to us on our contacts page.


Military writing, especially when it comes to fiction, is a complex beast. The amount of technical details and generalship you need to understand are mind boggling. In this video, esteemed author Bob Mayer takes us through his writing process.

Technical Military Books

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Doing that over a long time span can be challenging, but there are plenty of ways to do so. Setting up a company blog is one of the most common and easiest means of content marketing, but there are also online magazines and podcasts. For example, General Electric publishes a magazine on aviation, which publishes articles on future technologies and impressive feats by men and women flying with GE technology.

Specialist Military Beds

We're looking for authors to write about specialist military beds. Soldiers are always camping and spending nights away from base. For these people only specialist military beds would do. As a writer, you'll be able to explain the power of these military beds to everyone; and how they can aid in a quiet night.

You can see the different sized beds online on various shops. These are good for the mass market, but the military needs equipment that is both durable and transportable.